Janice Roodsari, Postpartum Doula nurturing growing families with love and experience as an RN, CLC, and mother of twins.

Janice Roodsari RN, CLC

Postpartum Doula


About Janice

I have always had a love of pregnancy, birth, mothers, and babies and began my career as a registered nurse working in a hospital labor unit. After a few years, my husband and I excitedly welcomed fraternal boy/girl twins to our family. I then began my work as a stay at home mom and began to research how to make our home safe, avoid toxins, and dove into the world of cloth diapers. After noticing a lack of local resources for families interested in using cloth diapers, I became a real diaper circle leader with the non-profit organization Real Diaper Association and began to teach free cloth diapering classes for my community. Shortly after, I joined the RDA's board of directors.

Over the years as a stay at home mom, I focused my continuing education nursing studies on pregnancy, birth, and lactation related classes. I have taken workshops on childbirth education, birth doula work, social justice concepts, became a certified lactation counselor, and am currently completing my certification as a postpartum doula.

I have personal experience with food allergies and sensitivities, and learned even more about navigating the world of personal care products including what ingredients are best to avoid (especially for newborns who are our most susceptible population) when I worked as Earth Mama's hospital outreach liaison. Part of my work at Earth Mama was sharing a diaper dermatitis protocol with NICUs across the United States.

I gladly support a diverse population of growing families as a postpartum doula in a nurturing, judgement free environment and hope to hear from you soon!




Registered Nurse

Real Diaper Circle Leader / cloth Diaper Educator
2011 – Present

Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC)
2016 – Present


Mother of Twins
2009 – present

Real Diaper Association Board Member
2014 – 2018

Hospital Outreach liaison, earth mama
2016 – 2017